The Sun sets on a White Rhino


The Sun sets on a White Rhino

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She was one of the last sightings I had of White Rhinos while I was in South Africa. This was shot was taken my second to last day in Kruger National Park, and I noticed her about 15 meters off the road, she was accompanied with her 2 year old calf. Rhino’s have very poor eyesight, so when I pulled up with my car, exited and came around, she looked at me incredulously, unsure if I was a threat or not, after a few minutes she decided to take her calf and graze a few meters further, behind a bush that provided her a little more concealment. I decided not to move and remain where I was with my camera. A few minutes later she poked her head around the bush using her excellent smell to see if I was still there, she then as I assume decided that I was not a threat and she return to my location with her calf and continued to graze just meters from me. A moment I will never forget.

White Rhino, Kruger National Park, South Africa by Ben Shihab.


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