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Ben Shihab

Ben Shihab is a professional Wildlife Photographer from Tucson, Arizona, USA. As an educated Ecologist with degrees in Wildlife & Fishery Conservation, Ben truly believes that promoting awareness through photography can make a difference for conservation.


He enjoys photographing around the world but his primary focus has been on apex predators and animals that most people designate as “Dangerous”. Whether that be backpacking in the Wilderness of Alaska to be amongst the bears and wolves or it be under the blistering sun of Arizona with Mountain Lions and Rattlesnakes.


As a Wilderness Survival Instructor and former Marine Corps veteran, Ben has the skills to go deeper into the wilderness for longer periods of time, with less gear and no crew to deter wildlife. Which has resulted in unbelievably close photos with some of the most “dangerous” animals in the world.


All Ben Shihab's photos are take with a Nikon D500 or Go Pro Hero 5.